Parenting with no professional training since 2004 - still not an expert


Welcome to The Shadetree Mom!


My name is Jenny Mac. While I did go to school and got some degrees and consider myself to be a professional in some things, parenting is not one of those. In fact, my husband got us kicked out of the only class we ever took that had to do with being a parent. (Look, just suffice it to say that doing Darth Vader impressions during the breathing exercise portion of a birthing class is frowned upon. Apparently.)

So, like most everyone, I learned by doing, and fifteen years into this parenting thing, I’m still basically a novice. Hence, “The Shadetree Mom.” Here, you will find my continued learning experiences.

I find that one of my main roles as a parent is to find things. I find lost articles of clothing (usually on a closet floor). I find vacation stuff – destinations, accommodations, flights. I find the best-looking ten-foot artificial Christmas tree at the lowest price possible. I find where to buy water filters for our three year old fridge (that is the bane of my existence) for less than the cost of groceries for a week. I find the best route to the Smokies that doesn’t take us through the construction in Birmingham and Chattanooga. We are all in this together, and I don’t believe in unnecessarily duplicating work someone else has already done, so when my family sees fit to send me down a rabbit trail, I’ll share the fruits of that labor with you and save you a trip.

Speaking of trips, I spend a lot of time in the car. Like, A LOT. At the moment, I have a 25-minute commute to work (each way), plus additional driving time nearly every afternoon and evening to get the kids where they need to go to do all the things. As such, I routinely listen to a number of podcasts each week. You can find my weekly musings and recommendations about those under “The Commute”.

I hope you’ll follow along and please do interact. Neither life nor the internet is any fun in a bubble.

The Shadetree Mom