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Month: August 2013

Foodie Friday: My Mom’s Pound Cake

Foodie Friday: My Mom’s Pound Cake

Note: I’ve decided to add some “Foodie Friday” posts to this blog. Sharing recipes is always fun, but as some of you know, I have been gluten free for about a year and a half now. That in and of itself has been a whole new education about food and cooking, and I will share some of those experiences as well as some recipes I make for my (gluten eating) family. 

This is my mom’s nine-egg pound cake. That’s right, NINE eggs. This is NOT a light recipe. This is the recipe that I will forever identify my with my mother. When I was a kid, she baked one often, and often because people asked for it. She still makes it sometimes. It’s really good. 

Here’s the sad part: I can’t eat it. I have a gluten sensitivity and can’t have wheat. Boo. Gluten-free cooking has been a learning experience that I’m about a year and a half into, but I’m just beginning to foray into gluten free baking, because it seems so daunting. There’s just so many ways to get it wrong. (Although crustless cheesecakes, or cheesecakes with a crust made from gluten free cookies, that I can do.) 

Also, a friend from high school, Todd, posted the following on Facebook a few days ago:

“OK, I’m looking for your favorite “family recipe.” (yes, you there, I’m talking to you) I’m friends with SO many culturally diverse people that I want to start exploring new tastes and get to know a little bit of your “growing up” flavors! Even if you gotta email y0 mamma to get it… do it. Besides, you needed to email her anyway – she misses you.

I know Jamaicans, Italians, Indians, Greeks, Pakistanis, Canadians, English folk, Polish, Puerto Rican, Germans, Southerners (and I better hear from my white friends AND my black friends on this – I need some of your grandmammas soul food!) and everything else in between etc etc…. so let me in on some of your cultural cuisine!  Hell, even BBQ sauce from Memphis, St. Louis, the Caroliana’s and Alabama are different. So hit me with your fav’s.”

Todd, here’s one for you, and anyone else who likes a good pound cake. And can eat gluten. 

Mom’s Nine-Egg Pound Cake

1.5 cups Crisco
2.5 cups sugar
9 medium (or 8 large) eggs
3 cups plain flour
2 tsp. flavoring (Vanilla, almond, or whatever you prefer. I use vanilla.)
1 Tbsp. water
dash of salt

Cream the Crisco and sugar in a mixer. Add the eggs, one at a time, beating well after each addition. Fold in flour and mix well, then add the remaining ingredients. Pour batter into a greased and floured bundt pan and bake at 300 degrees for one hour.