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THE COMMUTE: Podcast Recommendations {vol. 2} – The Dr. Death Podcast by Wondery

THE COMMUTE: Podcast Recommendations {vol. 2} – The Dr. Death Podcast by Wondery

Keep in mind, I’m an attorney by trade. I’m not squeamish. I’m a bit jaded. I am rarely surprised by human behavior, even atrocious human behavior. All in all, this story is unbelievably appalling.

20 Ideas for Small Gifts for Older Kids and Teens

20 Ideas for Small Gifts for Older Kids and Teens

When I was 19 and home from college for the weekend (yes, I am aware of how absurd you think this sounds, but you can just mind your own, thankyouverymuch), the Easter Bunny rang the doorbell and left a present for me (that’s just how the Easter Bunny operated at my house growing up) on the front porch. I remember it vividly.

THE COMMUTE: Podcast Recommendations {vol. 1}

THE COMMUTE: Podcast Recommendations {vol. 1}

Week of April 8, 2019 – Podcasts I’ve been listening to

As promised, this is the first installment of my podcast recommendations, based solely on what I have been listening to.

I had gotten into a bit of routine lately with my commute podcast listening. The Relevant Podcast (and the newer Relevant Daily) is always in my lineup, and some other things come and go.

This week, however, I shook that up a bit. In an effort to use my car time in a way that is constructive and purposeful for my business, I’ve been tuning into The Ray Edwards Show. If you’re engaged in any form of business (or want to be), give some of his stuff a listen. It is definitely different from other podcasts that I would perhaps categorize as “business advice” related. First of all, he’s a Christian, and an unapologetic one. He’s also a master salesman. Newsflash: the two are not mutually exclusive.

But my favorite thing…

Bob Goff started a podcast. My life just got better.

I consider Bob Goff to be a mentor. He just doesn’t know it. I imagine he has a lot of mentees out there in the world that he doesn’t know about, though. (If you haven’t read “Love Does” and “Everybody Always”, get thee to Amazon.) He did put his cell phone number in one of his books. I’ll call him one day. I just want to make sure I know exactly what I want to talk to him about before I do.

Can’t we all agree that the world could use a good deal more of his brand of wisdom and compassion? I naturally identify with him as someone who, in his 40s and decades into a legal career, looked around and wondered what else there might be. So when Bob Goff released his “Dream Big Podcast with Bob Goff and Friends”, you better believe I hit “subscribe” faster than you can say “go.”

You can access the podcast here or wherever you access podcasts (like the podcast app on your iPhone). There’s a short intro episode that you should definitely listen through.

Keep in mind, just because the person Bob is featuring on any given isn’t in your area if interest, don’t think for a minute that you won’t find it motivational and incredibly useful.

Case in point: Episode 2 is “Don’t Wait for Permission” with Joshua Dubois. He’s in faith-based politics. Maybe that’s not your jam. It won’t matter. The big takeaways here are his persistence and how he chooses to handle hard conversations with people who may not necessarily agree with him.

Occasionally, and I mean, once in a blue moon, I hear something while I’m in the car that I really want to jot down somewhere because I don’t want to forget it or exactly how it was said. I’ll call these “Car Stopper Quotes” or CSQ. There’s a CSQ in the middle of Episode 2 and it is this: “A bad day wouldn’t be having somebody say no. A bad day would be just not trying.”

Anyone with ambitions to do something new, be it start a business or get going on a new exercise program, should be listening to this podcast.

What are you listening to these days? I’m always looking for suggestions!

Happy Friday!

The Shadetree Mom

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The New(ish) Used Car Search, Part 1: Let go of the handle

The New(ish) Used Car Search, Part 1: Let go of the handle

I’m waffling between the practical, high-MPG small sedan (or compact SUV) and a full-on mid-life crisis car. The other day, I suggested the latter idea to my teenager, saying, “You know, growing up, I always said that when I could drive, I would get myself a Jeep or a Volkswagen Beetle. Maybe it’s time.”

“You should definitely do that,” she responded.